Want to join me on a trip to see how I capture memories of my travels in my sketchbook? That's exactly what we're going to do in this class! You'll walk away inspired to capture your own memories in your sketchbook.

  • The class is 6 hours long and has 23 individual videos
  • Full supply list with all the supplies and colors I use
  • 6 full painting demos - 4 on location and 2 back home in the studio
  • In addition to the full demos, you'll get to see me paint the mountains, in the city square, at local parks and much more
  • I'll share with you all my top tips for traveling with art supplies. Including showing you exactly how to label and pack your supplies to get safely through airport security
  • I'll show you how I take sketches painted on location to finished paintings on canvas
  • Tons of painting techniques that can be used on any subject
  • You'll learn how I get texture into my paintings before I even begin painting
  • You'll learn how to tackle a complex landscape and abstract it in a painterly gestural way
  • You'll see how I capture the landscape quickly and loosely with gestural marks
  • How to use many different materials (acrylic, gouache, acrylic gouache, watercolor, watercolor sticks, color pencils, etc.)
  • How to layer many different materials
  • I'll also give you tips on how to use familiar materials in unexpected ways
  • You'll see how I capture a scene quickly with limited supplies
  • I'll share with you a wealth of painting tips, techniques and years of experience
  • How to get texture into your painting with very little effort
  • We will also explore the town together, go to the local art store, do an art haul, have pastries and coffee together, visit a mind blowing folk art museum, and lots more
  • Lastly I give you a full tour of all the sketches and finished paintings I did from the trip - everything from sketches on the plane to finished paintings on canvas
  • You'll walk away from this class inspired and ready to capture your own memories in your sketchbook
  • English subtitles are available for all videos


How long is the class?

6 hours and there are 23 individual videos.

After I purchase the class when does it start?

Immediately! After purchase you can start watching the videos immediately.

How long do I have access to the class?

You have lifetime access to the class.

What skill level is the class suitable for?

This class is for anyone! There's great information in this class for beginners all the way to people who have been painting for a long time.

Do I need any supplies to start?

Nope. You don't need anything to start this class.

Do I need high speed internet for this class?

You can view this class in 240p, 360p, 540p, 720p or 1080p. Watch the (free) preview video for this class to confirm if your internet can support it.

What is the refund policy?

Once you have enrolled in the course I am unable to offer a refund.

Are subtitles available?

Yes, subtitles are available in English